End of April, we start to ski and kite-ski towards two most northerly points of Greenland, Cape Morris Jesup and Kaffeklubben island. Our starting point will be Narsaq in south Greenland and end point Qaanaaq in northeast Greenland.

Will fly from Helsinki to Copenhagen on 13.4 and next day to Narsaq via Narsaqsuaq. Following week is full of packing, buying missing items and around 22.4 expedition starts with boat trip to edge of glacier. After that we will update our location at least once a week. Expedition is planned to end in August.

Kaffeklubben is located 40 km east from Cape Morris Jesup, most northerly point of Greenland main island, and is located approximately 750 meters more north. It is considered to be the most northerly point of land on Earth. On the other hand, several gravel banks have been found, most known Oodaaq, but they are rarely permanent, and thatís why they donít hold the record.

Our route in short: From Narsaq with boat to edge of glacier. The first challenge for us is to man-haul all the gear up to 1000 m on the ice-cap, approximately 100 km away from the glacier's edge, past the challenging crevasse area, so that we can start kite skiing (i.e. using as much wind power as possible). Then, our aim is to cover 2500 km in 50 days to reach edge of glacier at north, where we plan to make a depot. From depot, we descend to sea ice to start skiing to Cape Morris Jesup and Kaffeklubben island and back to depot. 28 days reserved for this round trip. Finally, from depot we start our final leg towards Qaanaaq with skiing and kite-skiing depending on weather. We plan to do this in 22 days.